How it all Started

Hi there and welcome to my blog. I am so excited about my story and couldn't wait to share it with you. This is how it all began.

Early February 2015 I was on a hunt for a 2 tier "jungle book" theme birthday cake for my son Elnathan who was turning 3. I called up a few bakers but they were fully booked. The only lady who was available scared me away with her price (funny how I now realise she wasn't too pricy at all- I mean I never knew cakes were that expensive and I couldn't justify spending that amount of money on a cake)

Still hunting for a baker and determined that Elnathan would get his jungle book cake, I kept asking around for a baker. My brother reminded me of an old family friend who made fabulous cakes (Uju of Xcite cakes). I was so intrigued by her work and hoped she would make my sons cake. I got in touch with Uju but unfortunately she was fully booked as well however, she made a suggestion that changed my life forever. She asked me to make the cake myself. She told me that I'd be very proud of myself if I did. That wasn't a bad idea I thought - I mean how difficult could this be? Uju gave me a few pointers and I watched a few You tube videos. I needed to get some cake supplies and didn't know where to get them from and so I went to google and typed "cake supplies watford" or something like that and Charlous Cakes came up. I got into my car and went straight to Charlous where I met Mark. I told Mark about the cake I was to make and asked for his advice, Boy was he very helpful. He told me so much and I was so shocked at all the things needed for this 2 tier cake, I never knew tiered cakes needed dowels-Oh so much I didnt know hahaha.

I wanted to buy green fondant but Mark advised that I would save a lot of money if I bought white fondant and coloured it myself with green gel paste. I had no clue how to knead fondant talk less of add colour to it. I was a bit uncomfortable and scared at the same time until I remembered Grandma used to bake and mum was a caterer. This then prompted me to invite them over to join me in making the cake.

Grandma showed me how to knead the fondant and add the colour to it. As we were adding the colour we got a marble effect which we all felt was nice and different and decided to cover the cake with it that way. Grandma rolled the fondant out over a white bag so it didn't stick to the table (I did'nt have that much space on the kitchen work surface at the time so we had to use my dinning table).

Covering the cake wasn't too difficult I have to admit. We did'nt have any tears on the fondant - well not that I can remember... I did'nt know of smoothers at the time but with my instincts I used the palm of my hands to smooth out the cake. To me it looked absolutely perfect. I also covered the board as I felt it would give the cake a professional finish.

After covering the cake I put some Cadbury fingers chocolate around each tier like a fence. At this point I was jumping up and down in excitement and glee. By the time the final jungle book figure went on the cake I was almost in tears and could'nt wait for the look on Elnathans face when he would see his cake.

I honestly can't remember what presents I got for Elnathan but I do remember he was more excited about his cake. He jumped up and down in excitement- I couldn't have been a prouder mum. Everyone who had a slice of the cake couldn't stop commenting on its moist texture and amazing taste. "You should start baking Toyin" they all said. Not a bad Idea I thought - I can certainly get used to this.

Ever since Elnathans birthday all I wanted to do was make cakes. Valentines day came and I made a heart shaped cake for my grandma to thank her for helping out with Elnathans cake and remind her of how much I love her.

In March my very good friend had a baby shower and I felt that was a perfect opportunity for a third cake. This time I wanted to go all out. A baby bag cake was in trend at the time and so I decided to make her one. You can tell from the pictures that I hadn't quite mastered the art of smoothing out the butter cream before covering with fondant but the cake still came out looking good.

Every one at the baby shower couldn't stop talking about the cake. "Would they believe if I told them it was my third cake?" Sounds crazy right? yes I know it does I can't believe it myself too. I never knew I had this talent. Again the texture was nice and moist.

Then came mothers day in May 2015 and a friend asked me to make a cake for his wife. He told me to choose the design myself so I decided to make a hat. I struggled with finding the right YouTube video for this one so I decided to think it through myself and tadaaa..

Now I was getting the hang of things and getting crazy about cakes. I wanted to try the craziest of things. I would buy all the tools I needed and come up with different challenges. There were no limits and no stopping me. It was cake cake cake. A kitchen cake, a baby cot cake ohh the list goes on and on. By summer I had gotten very good and was creating amazing cakes. some of which are in my gallery (believe it or not!)

So there you have it. How I started making and decorating cakes. It was never something I planned on doing. I just stumbled into it and its been a blessing in disguise. For years I had wondered what my talent and gift was. I had no clue this was it. Its been less than 2 years since I started this and I'm still buzzing with exciting and craving to make more and more cakes. I believe the sky is my limit and I am very expectant for my future.

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