Mothers Day 2016

On Saturday 5th March 2016, 20 men from the House On The Rock church in Islington got together to decorate a massive cake for all the women in church. I led the project and I have to say it has been one of the most exciting projects I have ever been a part of.

They wanted a cake that would appeal to women - nice feminine colours, jewellery, shoes, make up, flowers - you just name it. They wanted to go all out for their women. I came up with a suggestion and once I got all their approvals we set the ball rolling.

I grouped the men in pairs and allocated different parts of the cake to them. Two were to make the shoes, another two a channel bag, another two a Louis Vuitton bag, etc. I set up whatsapp groups for each pair and sent youtube tutorials of what they were to make.

All the men that took part in this project had never decorated a cake- this is what made the project exciting for them and for me as well. Some doubted themselves but I believed they would pull something amazing off.

I contacted a few other ladies in the church who baked also (Sister Debbie, NG and Jojo) to assist the men on the day and to bake some of the cakes.

When the day came all the men arrived early and were excited. We started to fill and ganache the cakes. It was a fun filled day with so much laughter and determination. I walked round each table inspecting and giving tips and trying to help out where I could but these men wouldn't let me touch the cake,

After a fun filled long day, the cake was assembled and stood beautifully. For men who had never touched a cake in their lives I think they did an incredible job.

The women where so surprised as you can imagine. After the service people took pictures with the cake before it was eventually cut and shared for all to eat.

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