Wedding Cake Trends for 2017

Wedding cakes have come a long way in the last 10 years. These days, the cake reflects the couples colour scheme, theme and even the brides dress. More and more brides are going for simplicity and effectiveness. What we are finding is that by stealth, the traditional wedding cake is returning but this time with a modern twist.

Sugar flowers continue to be popular in the wedding cake industry but with an intricate and spot-on imitation of real flowers.

Having met with lots of beautiful couples in the last few months these wedding cakes exemplify the 2017 trends.

Traditional English

Remember the pretty traditional look that every wedding cake adhered to in times past? Well its back but this time with a modern twist. Inspired by "Beauty & The Beast" is this delicate beauty covered in sugar roses and draping pearls.


Watercolour cakes are a key wedding cake trend this year. Perfect for any wedding is this mix and match of various pastel colour sugar flowers on a pearlcent finished cake. Notice the traditional piped details on the bottom tier? The past is being recreated!

Small & Impactful

Good things come in small packages espacially when they are very pretty. Small cakes are coming back but this time accompanied by cupcakes, mini cakes and the like.


Looking for a wedding cake to add grandeur to your wedding? This Ivory & Gold lace finished cake adorned with hundreds of sugar flowers will do just that. Also accompanying the cake are matching mini cakes which help to accentuate a more opulent and grandeur look.

Something blue

Why not make your "something blue" your wedding cake. There’s more to this cake than meets the eye. Adorned with delicate orchids and blossoms is this beautiful, unrivaled symbol of refinement and luxury.


This elegant sequins wedding cake continues to be popular in 2017. Adorned with cascading sugar Peony's, Anemonies and Hydrangers, your cake will be the talk of your wedding.


Are you on the hunt for a unique wedding cake? then texture might just be the trend for you. Adding a texture to your wedding cake will really make it stand out and even more if it had a metallic finish.


Themed weddings are growing in popularity and typically leads to an unforgettable experience for both the couple and their guests. A themed wedding always calls for a cake to match.

White on White

The simplicity yet beauty of white still has a strong appeal to brides-to-be from various backgrounds due to how simple, pure and effective it looks.


Sculpted wedding cakes are in trend for those couple that want a unique and creative look. We love the idea of this cake with the coconut flakes finish and a simple flower arrangement draping down from the top of the cake.


Square shaped wedding cakes are becoming a popular wedding cake design that gives a sharp and classy look.

Lace & Pearls

Traditional brides who love the idea of a classic wedding would love this simple yet elegant lace finished cake adorned with pearls and topped with sugar succulents.

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