A cocktail of glamour, drama and elegance at one of Hertfordshire's prestigious venue, Brocket Hall! Working alongside the talented Anaiah Grace, a unique and memorable event was created.

Featured in Elle Magazine, Harpers Bazaar Magazine, Munaluchi bog and 5 star blog, I thought it would be great to share this inspiring event on my blog in hopes that it will inspire you too.

Our client wanted a hollywood themed party called "B-Oscars". She wanted something glamorous and elegant with a bit of drama. We started by deciding on colours and nothing says drama more than bold colours so she went with red, black and gold.

The cakes

Nothing is more glamorous and dramatic than a quartet of cakes in black, gold and red each potent with unique artistry.

The first cake was a huge six-tier theatre cake, elegantly crafted with impeccable attention to detail. The 4th tier of the gorgeous cake featured a theatre stage with a hand painted rose as the theatre backdrop. The backdrop was sculpted in 5 beaded framed segments. The cake also featured a hanging chandelier within the stage which lights up. The cake was black with gold acanthus leaf drops around its borders.

The second cake was a 4 tier black cake, with a see through hole in the 3rd tier which had the clients name spelt vertically within a 24 carat gold leaf surround. Cake was also adorned with the most realistic sugar, red roses and berries.

The 3rd cake oozed pure glamour. It was an all gold 3 tier beauty featuring black pearls, acenthus leaf, sugar roses and berries.

The 4th cake was a black and gold 2 tier cake with a gorgeous cascade of roses and berries.

The cake table design

We knew the cake table display had to be stylish, lavish and dramatic to compliment the amazing cakes. We opted for the same black pintuck fabric we used for some of the tables to blend in with the overall room design. We incorporated a gorgeous floral runner extending from the table to the floor, uber stylish black floral candleholders between each of the cakes with exaggerated bows made from lush silk ribbons. The final piece of our design were candles! Black floating candles, black tapered candles on gold candleholders, votive candles all played a part in bringing the entire look home in an intensely delicious, rich, romantic vibe.

Table design:

For the guest tables, Anaiah Grace designed big statement centerpieces consisting of two cylinder vases with a strip of gold textured ribbon on each of the vases with a floral arrangement resting across both cylinder vases. The florals were in a gorgeous rectangular shape in a mix of red hydrangeas and roses.

With the size of the statement centerpieces, we were very conscious of the potential to create an overpowering feel in the room by having all the centerpieces in the room the same size, so we decided to alternate them the larger arrangements with a smaller one. The smaller arrangements consisted of a trio of textured vases with little floral poses and smaller textured cylindrical vases with floating candles. Alternating centerpieces at events have become hugely popular in recent times and we must say we have become huge fans of the trend. Long gone are the days of mono-thematic looks of single-styled arrangements. Alternate centerpieces bring a much welcomed opportunity to add some contrast and much needed eye variation for guests as they settle into an event space.


Textured linen are a perfect way to enhance the look of any design space. We settled on gold sequin tablecloths as that was a perfect way to bring in some much needed Oscars sparkle and again we decided to mix in a more subtle but in no way less glamorous, black pintuck fabric. Literarily, textured linen make everything look so much better. They are a perfect investment for maximum impact. For napkins, we went with plain black napkins topped off neatly with gold napkin rings in a unique butterfly fold, dressed elegantly on top of gold rimmed glass charger plates.

Oscar props: .

Finally, came of chance to inject some Oscar props into the design. Nothing says film production like clapperboards, so we incorporated small wooden clapper boards with B-Oscars written on them. Bose, our client loved this little detail as it incorporated the first letter of her name. We place the wooden clapperboard onto tables with the small centerpieces. We wanted table numbers which were a little less conventional so we opted for movie names instead of actual table numbers. We also incorporated the trademark phrase "And the Oscar goes to" to the table names to make them a little more interesting and also in keeping with the Oscars theme. You can't have an Oscars themed Party without Oscar statuettes so these were put into play to add a bit of fun and magic.

We were very pleased with the final look and even more pleasing were the comments we received from all the guests and most especially our gorgeous client, Bose. We suspect that Bose's 40th birthday will be etched in her mind for a very long time to come. We like nothing more than exceeding client's expectations and we are glad to have been able to do just that on this occasion.

Venue: Brocket Hall

Photography by Tino Antoniou

Decor by Anaiah Grace Events

Cakes by Tees Bakery

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