The happily ever after

“…to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part…”

I vividly remember standing at the alter staring into the eyes of my husband-to-be and repeating these vows. Admittedly, the significance of the promises we made that day was never fully understood at the time. After all, it was just a part of the ceremony. Seven years later I now appreciate why we had to take those vows. Seven years later I am glad we took them, and seven years later, I Still Do.

7 years later I still do despite the arguments we’ve had

7 years later I still do despite the debts we’ve incurred

7 years later I still do despite the sicknesses we’ve overcome

7 years later I still do despite the losses we’ve suffered

7 years later I still do despite how tough it has been.

And why would I still say “I do?”

Quite simply because the fond memories and rewards we have had in the past seven years far outweigh the disappointments, the heartaches, and the struggles.

When I look back at the seven years we have been married I see at least one great testimony in each year. This reminds me of how blessed our marriage is. Sometimes we can be so overwhelmed by the negatives that the positives become blurred. This time, I decided to thank God for all the numerous blessings which in hindsight, outshine all of the negatives.

I could have waited until our 10-year anniversary to celebrate but the revelation to stop and give thanks happened now for a reason and in the Bible, seven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual). So, it is with this in mind that I decided to celebrate my seventh wedding anniversary in style, paying close attention to important details.

The Colour Scheme: I wanted to retain our original wedding colours; pink and purple but this time with more emphasis on pink because since I got married, it has always been about the boys! You see I have two sons, therefore, I wanted something girly for once but the décor had a touch of baby blue which is my favourite colour.

The Cookies: Each cookie had a message and there were 12 in total. Seven cookies out of the 12 represented each year of our marriage, detailing a good thing that God had done for us. E.g. 2011 I got pregnant. This, in my opinion, is worth celebrating because there are a lot of women who try for a baby and sadly do not succeed so easily.

In 2012 I had my first son – my pride and joy. In 2013, we bought our first property, 2014 we had our second son and my husband turned 40 and published his first book. In 2015 I started my cake business and 2016 we became landlords for the first time.

The Flowers: The beautiful flowers had hydrangeas, which are my favourite. They symbolise heartfelt emotions and the givers gratitude for the recipients understanding – something marrying my husband has taught me – to be grateful in all things.

The Cakes: One was not enough so I decided on a trio of cakes. There was a white cake, a turquoise cake and a pink cake.

Each cake had a bas relief finish. Bas relief is “a type of art in which shapes are cut from the surrounding stone so that they stand out slightly against a flat surface”. I wanted this technique on each cake to symbolise how my love and appreciation for my family stands out.

Adorned on each cake were sugar flowers. There were three particular varieties carefully selected:

  1. Roses - symbolising ‘Love’

  2. Ranunculus - symbolising ‘attractiveness/ charm’

  3. Succulents- symbolising ‘understanding, enduring and timeless love’

The turquoise cake (also one of my favourite colours) had some crystals on it.

The pink crystals were ‘sugar morganite crystal’ symbolising unconditional love.

The blue crystals were ‘sugar aquamarine crystal’ symbolising truth and trust.

The journey of marriage can be likened to baking a cake. It begins with understanding, a combination of the right ingredients, some mixing and inevitably some heat! Finally, it takes patience and perseverance to make a great creation.

Whether you are single or have been married 1 day or 100 days, may you all serve one another with love.

Happy Anniversary to us!


Photos: Jamirah Photographers |

Cakes: Tees Bakery |

Cookies: Didi’s cookies |

Flowers: Amie Bone |

Table setting: Anaiah Grace |

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