Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Cake Baker

As November comes to an end, I have been reflecting on all of the cakes I have had the privilege of baking this year and therefore, all of the lovely people I have met and celebrations I have been a part of in some small way.

When I started my blog, it’s purpose was not only to share my journey with you, but also to give you some tips to help when making important cake-related decisions and hopefully to inspire some of you.

In a previous blog post I shared 10 Common Wedding Cake Mistakes to Avoid. Many of you who have weddings or big celebrations in 2018 and beyond may have already chosen who is going to bring your vision to life but for those of you who have not, I would like to reveal my Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Cake Baker (even if it isn’t me!):

1. What cake flavour choices do you offer?

From my personal experience and that of friends and family, I believe that one of the most fun parts about planning a wedding is the cake [and food] tasting! Whether you are a cake-lover or not, it is still fun to go through the motions with your partner and to taste what you will be serving your guests.

2. How far in advance will you bake our wedding cake?

Popular bakers will have many clients therefore it may be necessary to prepare a few days in advance. The same is true if you choose a complicated design that requires time to finish. Generally, if the baker is experienced and knows what they are doing, baking in advance will not affect the taste too much.

3. How are your cakes priced?

Normally, wedding cakes are priced by the slice but that does not mean that every single guest must have one as not everyone eats cake. Price will also be determined by the intricacy of your chosen design plus your choice of flavours and fillings. The more complex the design, the greater the cost.

4. Does the price include a cake stand?

Some bakers have a supply of cake stands for hire (although a security deposit may be required). However, not all bakers stock them so please do not assume that one will automatically be available should you need it or another couple may have hired it for the same date. It is always better to ask.

5. What is the delivery process?

Delivery times are often not included in the price of the cake because venue distances vary. Some bakers may offer free delivery within a 5-mile radius but outside of that, a delivery and setup cost will usually occur. This may increase if you have hired a stand as the baker will either need to return to collect it or you will have to arrange for it to be sent back.

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